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OSCON 2012

I brake for people ::: Portland bumper sticker

I went to OSCON last week. It was even better than ever. There were lots of memorable moments for me this year. I'll try to capture them here, stream of consciousness.


*** Note *** this is a work in progress!



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Coders for Africa

Here's something new - Coders for Africa have a radio show on the web. Lamine Ba of the West African JUG is featured ... among other surprises. Have a listen. This is how it goes in Africa! …


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Java Music Video

This just in from our friends at Oracle:
"We want you, and your JUG members,  in the 2012 Java Music Video debuting at JavaOne SF and online at YouTube.com/Java.…

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What specific tools should a back-end Java developer have experience with? 

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Happy 10th year, JCertif!


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InfoQ Reading List

QCon New York 2020 - Data Engineering, Predictive Architectures & ML, Microservices

The program committee for QCon New York 2020 is pleased to announce the 2020 conference tracks! Join us in New York and become a better engineer by improving your knowledge on Java, security, machine learning, next-generation microservices, DevEx & teams, and more.

By Diana Baciu

PyTorch 1.4 Release Introduces Java Bindings, Distributed Training

PyTorch, Facebook's open-source deep-learning framework, announced the release of version 1.4. This release, which will be the last version to support Python 2, includes improvements to distributed training and mobile inference and introduces support for Java.

By Anthony Alford

Article: Tutorial: Writing Microservices in Kotlin with Ktor—a Multiplatform Framework for Connected Systems

Ktor (pronounced Kay-tor) is a framework built from the ground up using Kotlin and coroutines. It is a great fit for applications that require HTTP and/or socket connectivity. These can be HTTP backends and RESTful systems, whether or not they’re architectured in a microservice approach.

By Hadi Hariri

Boosting Apache Spark with GPUs and the RAPIDS Library

At the 2019 Spark AI Summit Europe conference, NVIDIA software engineers Thomas Graves and Miguel Martinez hosted a session on Accelerating Apache Spark by Several Orders of Magnitude with GPUs and RAPIDS Library. InfoQ recently talked with Jim Scott, head of developer relations at NVIDIA, to learn more about accelerating Apache Spark with GPUs and the RAPIDS library.

By Carol McDonald

Equifax Hackers Charged With Crime

The United States has charges four members of the Chinese military with hacking Equifax. The attack on Struts2 Deserialization can be detected by a suite of tools.

By Erik Costlow

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