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Data Huge Impact on Advertising

Data Huge Impact on Advertising

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The World…


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Why to choose Web Scraping Service not Web Scraping Software?

As i am writing this post, there are many outstanding web scraping software have been released in the market and also one major exit from the market called as Kimono.

Still i will pitch for Web Scraping Service over Web Scraping Software because of the following reasons :

Web Scraping Software :

Pros :

1. One time fee payment and life time…


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Intro To Seven Major Data Mining Tools

In the data mining process, lots of tools, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other web crawling technologies are available to extract the data.


The following seven data mining tools are recommended for you:



WEKA non-Java version of the native is developed mainly to analyze the agricultural sector data. The tool is based on the Java version. It is very complex and is used in many different applications, including…


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JavaScript, or Java?

Actually, JavaScript and Java have nothing to do with one another other than the first four letters of their name. Both are programming languages and they do have a lot in common, for example they have syntax based on C, but they are two different languages and are owned by different companies.


Java is an object oriented programming language. Java can run on its own. It creates stand-alone application or applet. A Java “applet” is kind of Java application that could run on a…


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The Primary Use of Regular Expression in Data Processing

Regular expressions can be used:

  1. Data validation. (For example, validate if a string complies with email rule or is a phone number, etc.)


  1. Replace text. (Replace the characters we don’t want with other characters.)


  1. Extract substrings from a string based on a pattern match. (search specific text in the document)


In data processing, we mainly use regular expressions to replace text…


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Did You Know? Cassandra

The developers at Facebook created the first version of Cassandra because they knew the world needed a new database. The name was chosen from the Greek mythological prophet who could predict the future, but due to a curse put on her, no one believed her.

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Why use Amazon EC2 (AWS) Container Services (Docker)

Why use Amazon's container service?

We all experience a common set of tasks when working in IT shops. Someone gets delegated (voluntold) to the task of working with the System Admin, JBoss/Middleware, Security, and Hardware support teams in configuring a brand new set of servers.

Other times we develop an install instructions for JBoss EAP or a database product like MongoDB or Postgress. Then every developer…


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InfoQ Reading List

WebExpo 2019: Make Healthcare Affordable and Accessible Using Tech and AI

Anna Zawilska, Lead User Researcher at Babylon Health, recently presented, at WebExpo 2019 in Prague, the lessons learnt from their experience delivering remote healthcare through a combination of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Babylon Health came to adjust three key assumptions underpinning their product development.

By Bruno Couriol

Article: Q&A on the Book The Driver in the Driverless Car

The book The Driver in the Driverless Car by Vivek Wadhwa and Alex Salkever explores how technology is changing faster and faster, and what impact that can have on the future of our society. It aims to help frame decisions and thinking about rapidly developing technologies. Salkever and Wadhwa cover a wide variety of technologies, including robotics, AI, quantum computing, and driverless cars.

By Ben Linders, Vivek Wadhwa, Alex Salkever

Presentation: Business Agility – Increasing Your Organization’s Competitiveness

Dean Latchana addresses how organizations can handle market pressure and opportunity, covering closing the gap between vision and execution, determining strategic fit with the vision, and others.

By Dean Latchana

Presentation: Introduction to Stateful Property-based Testing

Tomasz Kowal presents a high-level overview that is both encouraging for beginners but also maps the road to mastering Property-based Testing.

By Tomasz Kowal

Introducing Maesh: A Service Mesh for Kubernetes

On September 4th, 2019, Containous, a cloud infrastructure software provider, released Maesh, an open-source service mesh written in Golang and built on top of the reverse proxy and load balancer Traefik. Maesh promises to provide a lightweight service mesh solution that is easy to get started with and to roll out across a microservice application.

By K Jonas

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