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iPhone development is going nuts! All the apps, all the possibilities. Objective-C is the language. The SDK is out. Shops are springing up everywhere developing iPhone apps. Come join us, share and learn!

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Want to reach millions of developers easily? Write an iPhone app! iPhone users are nuts about iPhone apps. And, at an average price of $.99, they're are a cinch to market. iTunes makes delivery and upgrades easy. Objective-C is the target language. There's a lot of tutorial and demo info out there. Let's explore development for this 21st century platform.

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Have you heard of them? They look cool, but EXPENSIVE. I think they're too expensive for…Continue

Tags: ibeacons, iphone

Started by Michael Levin Jan 29, 2015.

Anyone had experience with time-saving toolkits for Mobile Development? 7 Replies

I've done both iOS programming for iPad/iPhone and Android programming. All in the native platforms - Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android.  Conversion between the two is much easier than porting…Continue

Tags: MonoTouch, Java, Objective-C, Sencha, toolkits

Started by Kevin Neelands. Last reply by Jackie Gleason May 28, 2012.

Insanely Great Social Hooks and Innovation on this iPhone/Android App

 EveryTrail impresses as a well thought out app with GPS, multimedia and social integration. Not only is it well coded and solid, but the marketing is to the point and clear as well. Objective-C has…Continue

Tags: mobile, objective-c, travel, iphone, gps

Started by Michael Levin Dec 13, 2010.

URL -> IP Address 1 Reply

I'm working on an iPad app, and I need to go from a URL such as to the IP Address and port,   port 123 or so.Has anyone done this?  I…Continue

Started by Kevin Neelands. Last reply by Kevin Neelands Oct 14, 2010.

Orlando Mobile Programming Club 2 Replies

Meets at DeVry U!Continue

Tags: iPhone, Club, Programming, Mobile, Orlando

Started by Michael Levin. Last reply by Walt Sellers May 1, 2010.

iPad promo codes

For those of you getting a iPad, I highly recommend these two apps:First, a FREE nifty version of the Periodic Table Of Elements:…Continue

Started by Kevin Neelands Apr 2, 2010.

Backtracking to iPhone OS 3.0 2 Replies

Has this happened to anyone else?I got a notification recommending I let apple automatically upgrade the software on my iPhone, so I clicked yes.  This replaced OS 3.0 with OS 3.1.3.  Unfortunately,…Continue

Started by Kevin Neelands. Last reply by Kevin Neelands Feb 17, 2010.

Backtracking to iPhone OS 3.0 3 Replies

Has this happened to anyone else?I got a notification recommending I let apple automatically upgrade the software on my iPhone, so I clicked yes.  This replaced OS 3.0 with OS 3.1.3.  Unfortunately,…Continue

Started by Kevin Neelands. Last reply by Walt Sellers Feb 17, 2010.

New Linkedin Group: iPhone Developer Connection - Jacksonville, FL

Hi All,I recently released my first iPhone App, Party Twacker, and would love to connect with other iPhone developers.  Please go to :…Continue

Started by Kevin Collins Feb 2, 2010.

iPhone & Mac Developers GOTO Conference in Atlanta Feb 21 to 24, 2010 2 Replies

The Mac Developer Network (a Europe-based group) is hosting a convention in Atlanta in cooperation with the Big Nerd Ranch (a programmer training company) on February 21st to 24th.It will shorter…Continue

Tags: networking, training, conference

Started by Walt Sellers. Last reply by Walt Sellers Jan 27, 2010.

Whats the best iPhone development environment? 10 Replies

I looked at the Java Micro Edition, and did some simple programming using a mobile phone emulator. Then I looked at X-Code, but that seemed to require a MacIntosh for development. Is Objective-C the…Continue

Started by Kevin Neelands. Last reply by Kevin Neelands Jan 20, 2010.

Free - Intro to iPhone Development Course - Stanford 2 Replies

I am doing this free online course with a friend, Mike Hauser, producer of, who…Continue

Tags: cs193p, stanford, iphone

Started by Michael Levin. Last reply by Kevin Collins Jan 19, 2010.

Connecting to a database...base de données! 2 Replies

(I'm posting this for Mara, who speaks French and lives in Africa - please give him a hand with his dev question! I translated the question using…Continue

Tags: c, mara, objective, development, database

Started by Michael Levin. Last reply by Kevin Collins Jan 19, 2010.

iPhones and Music


Tags: guitarbud, guitar, apple, music, iphone

Started by Michael Levin Dec 31, 2009.

What's Your Favorite iPhone App? 18 Replies

My favorite app right now is called Lose it for…Continue

Tags: entrepreneurship, marketing, appstore, iphone, apple

Started by Michael Levin. Last reply by Michael Levin Dec 27, 2009.

Has anyone gotten a Distribution Certificate for an iPhone app? 2 Replies

I've written a couple apps for the iPhone and put them on my own iPhone using a Provisional Development Certificate, but I'm attempting to get a Distribution Certificate so Apple can review them. I'm…Continue

Started by Kevin Neelands. Last reply by Kevin Neelands Nov 20, 2009.

Libraries, Frameworks, and Code that has saved me time and effort

Initially, iPhone SDK development was largely done in isolation-- the SDK doesn't support dynamic frameworks and making a static library was not obvious if you weren't already used to writing code…Continue

Tags: ASIHTTPRequest, SDK, Rails, ObjectiveResource, PLCrashReporter

Started by Robert Hedin May 27, 2009.

iPhone development environment stirs up creativity - that's a good thing 1 Reply

SFGate: "The popular iPhone has inspired a wave of creativity among software developers, many of…Continue

Tags: cocoa, objective-c, creativity, iphone

Started by Michael Levin. Last reply by Walt Sellers Apr 27, 2009.

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Comment by Rajil Sajila on August 25, 2011 at 1:11pm

why can't they make any development in Java trough IPhone APP ?


Comment by Kevin Neelands on October 27, 2010 at 8:28pm
A Mobile programming group could be cool!
Comment by Mauricio Tavares on October 27, 2010 at 10:40am
Would it be an interest in a gainesville Mobile programming group? Idea is to include android, blackberry, iphone, palm, symbian, and anything else I missed.
Comment by Kevin Neelands on January 18, 2010 at 11:32am
J'ai pris des Français dans la 11ème catégorie, quand 8 voies étaient technologie tranchante. Cliquer sur sur le lien fourni m'a porté à une page de messages, mais j'ai seulement vu 4 messages que vous m'aviez envoyé, aucuns nouveaux messages. Mais je recueille son problème est lui a développé un iPhone $$etAPP mais ne peut pas l'obtenir sur son iPhone réel ? 1. J'assume he' ; s a développé ceci utilisant le xCode sur un Mac Intel-basé, et le $$etAPP a fonctionné correctement dans le simulateur à l'écran ? 2. J'assume he' ; réalisateur d'Apple enregistré par SA ? 3. Il a un iPhone avec la corde d'USB qui se relie de son Mac à son iPhone ? S'il a tout ces derniers en place j'imaginez he' ; s trébuchant sur le processus d'obtenir un profil d'approvisionnement de développement nessecary pour obtenir le $$etAPP sur un dispositif physique. La meilleure explication pour ce processus est dedans - svp don' ; rire de t - développement d'applications d'iPhone pour des simulacres, chapitre 13. Mais, une fois que vous arrivez au bon endroit dans le site Web central de réalisateur d'iPhone il y a un magicien qui vous prend par le processus, et heureusement vous seulement devez le faire une fois, ensuite que le profil d'approvisionnement est bon pour d'autres apps. allez à cette page, et puis lancez l'aide Et soyez sûr d'aller à cette page et d'acheter un de tout :
Comment by Christian Laboranowitsch on May 29, 2009 at 2:11pm
Yes, you are right, Mobile Safari is already compliant and the feed reader app is quite nice, but the widgets set is limited and it would be nice to integrate the IUI or work. A iPhone component library for JSF would also be very helpful.
Comment by Robert Hedin on May 29, 2009 at 10:09am
What, exactly, are you wanting to do? Doesn't GWT already support the iPhone? (see: ) Mobile Safari is pretty compliant...
Comment by Christian Laboranowitsch on May 28, 2009 at 11:55am
Lets start some work to get Web2.0 (like GWT) on the iPhone. Intrested??

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