Thinking about Cloud Computing raises some concerns. Security is one concern that looms in many minds. What are some issues and how can we get our minds around the pitfalls before they happen?


"Lots of vendors have run into trouble with their cloud services, but the challenges faced by Apple last week should give some IT shops pause as they evaluate cloud computing.  

People would be reaming Microsoft a new one but because it's Apple ... they get a pass

Gordon Haff, cloud strategist, Red Hat

Apple's iCloud is a synchronization service that lets users keep data stored on their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac products in synch. As 20 million or so end users launched the service for the first time, it didn't work as expected, and the backlash has been significant. 

Siri, a cloud-based voice activation service unveiled with the iPhone 4S, has run into problems as well, according to Apple support discussion boards. It is supposed to let users control maps, call up recipes, arrange meetings and send messages, all via their voice. Artificial intelligence researchers have been working on this technology for decades. So it's not surprising that Apple hasn't got it right first time." (from "Why trust Apple in the cloud?", at TechTarget)

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InfoQ Reading List

Article: Learning from Incidents

Jessica DeVita (Netflix) and Nick Stenning (Microsoft) have been working on improving how software teams learn from incidents in production. In this article, they share some of what they’ve learned from the research community in this area, and offer some advice on the practical application of this work.

By Jessica DeVita, Nick Stenning

Google Updates Its Cloud Run Service Support for Websockets, Http/2, and Grpc Bidirectional Streams

Cloud Run is a managed compute platform that enables developers to run stateless containers invocable via web requests or Pub/Sub events. It is serverless, meaning all infrastructure management is abstract away, and developers can focus more on building applications.

By Steef-Jan Wiggers

Facebook Open-Sources Multilingual Speech Recognition Deep-Learning Model

Facebook AI Research (FAIR) open-sourced Cross-Lingual Speech Recognition (XSLR), a multilingual speech recognition AI model. XSLR is trained on 53 languages and outperforms existing systems when evaluated on common benchmarks.

By Anthony Alford

driftctl : A Tool to Detect Infrastructure Drifts

The CloudSkiff team released an open source tool called driftctl which can detect drift in Terraform managed infrastructure.

By Hrishikesh Barua

Microsoft Using Metadata to Enable Idiomatic Win32 Interop from Rust and Other Languages

In a move to make it easier to use Win32 APIs from any language, Microsoft has launched its Win32 Metadata project with the aim to generate complete Win32 language bindings through automated, idiomatic projections. The project include initial projections for C#, C++, and Rust.

By Sergio De Simone

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