Ivar Grimstad, Swedish Programming Rockstar!

Ivar came to the Swamp for the #j4kio conference a few days ago. He had just been in South Africa giving a presentation. And, just before that, we met up in Crete for the fabulous www.jcrete.org conference. #jcrete How about that! Ivar lives in Sweden. He keeps fit and always rents a car wherever he goes so he can explore the area. In just a few days, if you missed the www.j4k.io conference, there will be similar talks, including Ivar, on a virtual Jakarta webcast. That's Aug 10th. I'll put the details up on www.Codetown.com. Ivar, great seeing you! Java Champions @java_champions #senejug #orlandojug #codetown #jakarta #swampcast #jcrete #congojug #jcertif Ivar Grimstad @ivargrimstad Photo Credit: Weedon Island Preserve parkrun

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