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If you're interested in Flex and live near Orlando, there's an Adobe Users Group here that meets the first Monday of each month at DeVry. The meetings are also usually shared using Acrobat Connect if you can't make it, and you can see the recording later if you miss out. Check out the web site at http://adogo.us/

Most of the time (especially lately) the subjects are mostly Flex, although ColdFusion creeps in from time to time :-)

Last month's meeting was on FlexUnit 4, a testing framework built for Flex to mirror JUnit, and mock-as3, a mocking framework for ActionScript. Brian LeGros gave the presentation and is a contributor to both projects.

It's a great place to learn and network with other Central Florida Adobe developers. Especially at the usual "pre-meeting" at BJ's Brewhouse ;-)

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Hi Greg, is there anything Flex related going on this month or next? I'm eager to get to know the community better but can't seem to find a good starting point. Flex, ColdFusion, Java, AIR, jQuery, Ext...I'm game for just about anything at this point. :-)
Doesn't look like anything's been proposed for October... I volunteered to show an AIR app I've been working on. Maybe someone else will do the same since I doubt I can fill an hour with that.
HI Greg, I just now noticed the "Follow" link at the bottom of the comments. I apologize for the late reply. I posted a message on the Google Groups discussion board last night regarding my AIR application I successfully submitted to the Adobe AIR Marketplace. Maxim Porges replied asking me if I wanted to demo my app at Devry next Monday. He sounded quite sure that a meeting was definite. Take a look at my post and by all means thread jack my discussion and express your desire to demo your work. I know I am interested to see what others are doing. Maybe you could even start a thread to see what the topics of next Monday's meeting are.

My Google Groups post
My AIR Marketplace Offering
Yes, I'll be showing the AIR app I did. After that, maybe we'll just have general discussion... there's certainly a lot of amazing stuff coming out of the Adobe MAX conference that we could talk about.

Sweet! I am definitely excited about discussing all of the greatness Adobe is providing us with. ESPECIALLY ColdFusion 9!!! I also can't wait to learn more about iPhone application development in AS3. AS3 is one of my all time favorite programming languages now and has come a long way since AS1. Adobe definitely has the Midas touch since taking over Macromedia's product suite and it's truly a joy and honor to be apart of the development community that is helping Adobe achieve the milestones they have laid out. What a phenomenal decade it has been thus far!


Happy 10th year, JCertif!


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