GatorJUG's March, 2010 meeting featured Joshua Davis with a presentation about Grails. The original event announcement is here. Joshua uploaded his presentation here. This was the first time we met at Gainesville's Civic Media Center. Our sponsor was Grooveshark. Thanks to both. You rock!

Could some of those who attended share your observations on the presentation, venue, and other thoughts that might benefit people who couldn't make it? Beforehand, there were questions ranging from basic to expert, such as defining what a portal is, explaining what Groovy and Grails are, and how to weave in Grails with existing projects written in a different language like Java. If you took photos, please tag them "GatorJUG March 2010 Grails Davis" and link to them here.

It would be great to see continuing reviews and conversations here in the Codetown GatorJUG group as Discussions like this after meetings...

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The Civic Media Center was a nice place to have a Gator JUG meeting. Their presentation facilities worked fine, and it was a good forum for 5 to 10 people. A larger group may have had a problem as the seating available is really not appropriate for a large group. Otherwise it was a great venue as they provided coffee, and a great atmosphere to discuss open-source software.
I was impressed with the Civic Media Center and would like to use that venue again. The project was well set up in advance. There was just the right amount of seating, with the table placed at a good distance so we could see easily. They even offered us coffee.

Groovy has excellent support for mixing with Java. In fact, on a team with a mix of Java and Groovy developers, a Java developer could type a Java method into the middle of a Groovy source file and expect it to compile. Anyone who is anxiously awaiting Java 7 can switch to Groovy and feel like they are using Java 8 :-)


Happy 10th year, JCertif!


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