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Business and employment data gives a company the opportunity to gain more profit by better evaluating employees and identifying the best one. Promising employees will make their profile pages attractive and competitive by adding the skills employers need most in candidates. Similarly, companies will optimize their LinkedIn company pages because of its high popularity among the social media service providers.

Several months ago, we made some tutorials on how to extract data scraped from LinkedIn. We noticed that several inquiries about scraping LinkedIn from our users.

From these inquiries, we found that most of our users have a great demand for data from LinkedIn. As we all know, LinkedIn has tremendous value for having over 3 million companies who built a company page on it, not to mention the individual profile pages. We are lived in the era of social networking and we benefit from the information on LinkedIn especially for startup companies and someone who is landing a new gig.

Since the LinkedIn User Agreement says that a LinkedIn user is not allowed to scrape or copy profiles and information of others by manually or automated tools, the only way that could scrape LinkedIn is search engines like Google - LinkedIn seems to give permission to this type of scraping. (LinkedIn Prohibition of Scraping Software)

What if you need some LinkedIn data?

A data vendor who does not agree to the LinkedIn T&C may help you gather the data you want from the public search engine results or from other channels. Or, remember everything you need  from LinkedIn in your mind.




Octoparse can extract any visible data from the web page and any hidden information that exists in the source code from social networking sites. 



Freeware · Support Windows systems · Point-&-Click UI

Extract data based on a rule configured on the client side

Deal with dynamic websites

Run your extraction in the cloud · API · IP proxy · IP rotation


Good news: Octoparse support team offers two types of Enterprise services that may better meet your need of getting the extracted data to you if you specify what you need from social networking sites. You can choose one of the two extraction service types:


Type 1: Crawler-Building Service

We make the crawler in Octoparse for you and offer one-month maintenance. What you need to do is to download Octoparse Client (only support Windows systems) in your laptop and run the crawler in Octoparse.

If you need to get the web data as soon as possible, I recommend you subscribe our paid versions which provide cloud servers to collect the data for you day and night, or buy our Type 2 service - one-time extraction service.

Standard version enables 4 cloud servers for your extraction and Professional version enables 10 cloud servers to bulk collect web data for you.

Check out the pages - Octoparse PricingOctoparse Features Comparison

Need more cloud servers? Contact our sales team!


Type 2: One-Time Extraction Service

Just provide the websites and the data you want from them, and we will do the rest.

Contact our sales team and tell us what data you want to collect!


Author: The Octoparse Team

- See more at: Octoparse Blog

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